Healthcare. You can’t live with the cost.
You can’t live without the care.


Is there anything more confounding, frustrating and expensive in our nation’s economy - and our personal budgets - than healthcare and its cost?  Healthcare now comprises almost a fifth of the US economy.  In some households, healthcare costs more than the housing and food … combined.  What do we get in exchange for that investment?  Is it a good value?

Health Cost Matters examines and attempts to explain healthcare costs at the individual, consumer level.  We also explore this subject in the larger picture … why the healthcare industry is different from all other businesses and industries, and why it’s so difficult on both a personal and national level to manage and control the cost.




Our mission is to inform and educate consumers about the healthcare industry and the business of helping patients, to engage you in addressing your household’s healthcare costs ... and enlist you to participate in driving change across the industry.



Our ambition is to explain one of the most complicated, rapidly evolving, irrational and opaque industries on earth:  the U.S. medical-insurance complex.


We are committed to helping consumers understand their household healthcare costs.  Along the way, we want to inspire ideas and we encourage your questions.


We want to hear from you and we want to involve you in our goal to drive real and lasting solutions to the stickiest economic problem of our day.