Patient Tales

Our blog, Patient Tales, shares what we know, what we think, what we think we know, and what we learn along the way.  It focuses on two main topics.


Tales from the Alternate Universe

Through Alternate Universe, we try our best to Illustrate why the healthcare industry is like none other, and why our healthcare system does not fit into a rational decision-making business model common to most other industries.

Before we can begin to fix spiraling, out-of-control healthcare costs, we need to understand the nature of the spectacularly baffling challenge before us.   

Alternate Universe is a series of allegories in which we superimpose the way we select, compare and pay for health services onto everyday activities. 

Our short stories illustrate why it is so difficult to compare costs among providers, assess the quality, and sometimes even the determine the necessity of services we receive.


Tales from the Mailbox

At the same time patients and their families are intently focused on their illnesses and treatments, many get slammed with claims and balance bills for services and charges that are inappropriate or should be covered through insurance.  

This not only takes energy and focus away from healing, it adds extreme stress and worry.  Sadly, most people simply pay the claims they receive in the mail, not realizing they’re getting overcharged or are denied benefits they’ve paid for.

The Mailbox explores the messy landscape of healthcare claims … real life situations of patients who were balance billed or overcharged by providers, or whose insurance didn’t pay for services that should have been covered.  We’ll also explore related topics, such as selecting the most cost effective health plan for your family.