About Us

For decades we specialized in healthcare cost containment, our clients were mostly health insurance companies.  Our work was auditing healthcare claims, identifying overpayments and helping our clients recover those overpayments.  Throughout her career, our founder, Ms. Hall and her team helped clients recover hundreds of millions of dollars in overpayments to providers. 

A major component of our work was informing and educating clients about how and why overpayments were occurring so they could fix the problems.  And fix they did!  Then, just like the gigantic Hydra in Greek mythology, when one head (or billing problem) was chopped off, two more emerged.

Health Cost Matters is a new venture to help leverage Ms. Hall's expertise in reducing health costs by informing and educating consumers. 


About the Founder

In 1986 Lois Rudick Hall began working with managed care organizations to save money, recover misspent funds, improve processes and reduce the costs associated with rework.  In 2001, she started The Reclaim Group where she and her team created an audit methodology that became a powerful cost containment tool for health insurance companies.

Ms. Hall sold The Reclaim Group in 2013, and she stepped away from the business in late 2015.  Over the past few years, Ms. Hall has also been involved in the challenges of managing her elderly mother’s numerous healthcare misadventures.

Now, with a deep understanding of how delivery of care, billing and payment of medical claims can go so terribly wrong, and a firm belief that too much of our hard-earned dollars go toward healthcare expenses, Ms. Hall is working to inform consumers on how to lower their personal, out of pocket costs.

She is committed to participating in the conversation about how to address soaring healthcare costs at the national level.  Her agenda is to find a better way to deliver and pay for healthcare that is tailored to our country’s unique mix of needs and gifts.

“The only thing I’m certain about in progressing the conversation is that it should not be a debate of partisan or political ideology.  This is not about socialism vs. capitalism, or right vs. privilege.  This is about creating a system that provides high quality healthcare that’s cost-effective, affordable and accessible to all Americans.”